Tell Your OBGYN Montgomery County the Truth!

Withholding a thing or two here and there is part of functioning in society.

Withholding a thing or two here and there is part of functioning in society. But OBGYN Montgomery County Dr. Rania Ibrahim finds that too often, patients withhold information about problems that she really needs to know—either because they don’t think it’s important or, more commonly, because they’re embarrassed.

Following are five important things women often keep to themselves, but shouldn’t.

1.“I haven’t been using my birth control as prescribed.”

Just be honest – if you can’t take the pill every day or you’re not comfortable putting the ring in your vagina, then it’s not the right method. Women shouldn’t be ashamed of their noncompliance – all your OBGYN wants is to find the best method for you.

2.“I had a different partner.”

Your doctor isn’t there to judge you, so even if you are a married patient who has had sex with someone outside of your marriage, you need to tell your OBGYN Montgomery County because you should be checked for infection. People are typically embarrassed to admit they had an affair or a one-night stand. If you don’t want to get into the details, just say you want to be tested for everything, and your OBGYN should comply.

3.“Sex has become painful.”

Painful sex shouldn’t be dismissed – it’s part of your sexual health. Sometimes there’s an easy fix such as more foreplay, adding lubricant, or applying a topical analgesic lotion. Either way, your doctor can help you if you explain what’s going on.

4.“I saw it on Google.”

The Internet is NOT the final word when it comes to medical advice. Your OBGYN is a great sounding board for information so before you take Google’s word for it, discuss it with your OBGYN Montgomery County – whatever it is, she’s heard it before and won’t be surprised.

5.“My sex drive is nonexistent.”

Libido drops for a variety of reasons, and your OBGYN can discuss options such as medication and therapy. Low sex drive can really have a negative impact on a relationship. A healthy sex life really is between you, your partner, and your OBGYN, so keep her in the loop.

The truth is vitally important, so speak up before your exam, not when you’re back in your clothes and on the way out. If you are experiencing any problems, call the office of OBGYN Montgomery County Dr. Rania Ibrahim today to schedule a confidential consultation. We’re here to listen!