Facts about Gynecological Surgery

At one time, gynecological surgery involved big incisions made with a scalpel and a lot of risks.

At one time, gynecological surgery involved big incisions made with a scalpel and a lot of risks. Modern technology has lowered the risks and made many common gynecological surgeries like hysterectomies, fibroid removal, endometriosis treatments, and vaginal support surgeries minimally invasive, meaning less risk and recovery time for the patient.

Here are some quick facts about minimally-invasive gynecological surgery.

1.Less Pain and Discomfort

Smaller incisions mean that most patients don’t suffer lingering pain or discomfort from minimally invasive surgery.

2.Faster Recovery

Many of the top-rated OB-GYN surgeons use Da Vinci robotics for minimally-invasive surgeries. The robotics allow the surgeon to make very precise and small incisions. These tiny incisions heal much faster than an incision made by a scalpel, and therefore allow healing within 2-3 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks.

3.Less Risk

Smaller incisions mean less blood loss, making the necessity of a blood transfusion during surgery much less likely.

4.Less Scarring

Patients who have minimally invasive surgery have fewer and less extensive scarring than those who have traditional surgery. In many OB-GYN surgeries, the surgeon may not need to cut through the skin. For others, skilled surgeons can make incisions through the belly button, masking the appearance of scars.

Not every patient is a good candidate for minimally-invasive surgery, but for those who are, this type of surgery can address a variety of issues with less pain and discomfort, risk, and scarring with a faster recovery.

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